WI Landforms and water forms

Wisconsin wikipeadia

  • Did you know that Nicolet forest is WI's national forest!
  • Did you know that if you want to go to Nicolet Forest the central office is found in Rhinelander and Park falls!


lake superior on google. com

  • Did you know that Lake Superior Borders Wisconsin!
  • Did you Know that Lake Superior is a great tourist attraction found at the north of Wisconsin!

High cliff

www.high Cliff State Park- Wikipeadia

  • Did you know that High Cliff is Wisconsin's state park!
  • Did you know that High Cliff is forty feet tall!

WI Erosion


  • Did you know that WI had an erosion in the state capital Madison on January 12, 2009!
  • Did you know that that this erosion is not a good because it pulls up rocky soil and is making it going to be hard to plant crops in the future!

Lake Winnebago


  • Did you know that Lake Winnebago is WI largest lake!

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