WI History

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  • Did you know that Wisconsin first became a state on May 29, 1848!
  • Did you know that native tribes first lived in Wisconsin but most people think that Jean Nicolet founded Wisconsin who landed in Green Bay on 1634!
Wisconsin's leagal history

  • Did you know that Chief of Justice John B. Winslow tried to write a comprehensive legal history of Wisconsin in1912!
  • Did you know that the Chief of Justice John B. Winslow also wrote about the supreme court up to 1880!(This info was found at WI legal history.)

  • Did you know that WI is one of the major supporters of the Dairy Belt!
  • Did you know that WI is known for its its milk products and has some of the best fertilizer!
  • Did you know that WI is also known for the crops that they grow and has one of the best growing seasons!

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