Resources for State Wikis

50 States
This website includes admission dates for each state, biographies of famous people from each state, climate descriptions, links to community/local pages, lists of colleges, fast facts, economic information, largest cities, license plate examples, state motto's, state nicknames, sports, and links to local media.

Fact Monster
On this website you can find fast state facts, representatives, state symbols and songs, nicknames, state park totals, and links to tourism offices. This website also includes lists of famous residents, a brief history, and encyclopedia links.

Census Facts
On this website you find a break down of data from the U.S. Census for each state including; population, average income, total number of businesses and their average income.

State Websites for Kids
Here you will see a list of government websites for each state to find fun facts, geography, business, and history.

e-Reference Desk
This website provides fast facts including; major lakes and rivers, surrounding bodies of water, lists with links to local colleges, histories, state symbols and extra resources.

History Channel
A concise history of how each state was founded and it's growth can be found here.

Awesome America
This website includes fun facts, photos, and travel info on each state.

The Nifty Fifty States
On this website you will find an list of links to internet resources for state projects.

Here you can find state nicknames (and how these nicknames came about), presidents that were born in each state (if any), state quarter pictures, and a brief list of books you may use a references.

Teachers First
There are lists of information on each state on this website that include; quick facts, early inhabitants, famous people, sights to see, and the state bird and the state flower.

Culture Grams
This database is great for students to explore information about the state they must research. It is a paid school subscription, so check on the library research resources page to access it outside of school.