State Symbols

State Flag


Facts about the flag:

  • The blue on the flag was chose to match the blue on the SC troops uniforms.

  • The crescent was added to show the silver emblem on the front of the troops hats.

  • The revolutionary council of safety asked in the fall of 1775 to design a flag for the use of the SC troops.

State Seal


Facts about the State Seal:

  • The picture on the left with a the palm tree standing and another one that has fallen represents the battle fought on June 28,1776.

  • The standing tree is there to show the victorious defenders.The fallen tree is there to show the British fleet.

  • On the other picture the woman is showing hope and she has a branch of laurel in her hand with the sun rising behind her.

State Tree


Facts about the tree:

  • Palm trees have very long fan shaped leaves (4-6 ft.)

  • They have small white flowers occuring on large branched clusters.They appear in summer.

  • Their bark is tough, and brown gray.It splits vertically

  • The tree can be up to 80 feet tall, and it has a straight trunk with a rounded crown

  • Their fruit is nearly round.It is 1/3 to 1/2 inches across.It is bark shiny blue and it matures in early fall and its persistent into winter.

State Bird

The Carolina Wren


Facts about the Carolina Wren:

  • Size-about 5-6 inches

  • Wingspan-about 11 inches

  • Weight-0.64-0.78 ounces

State Animal

White-tailed deer


Facts about the white-tailed deer:

  • The deer eats twigs,fungi,grass and acorns.

  • It has a great sense of smell.

  • They are good swimmers.

State Flower

The Yellow Jessamine


Facts about the flower:

  • The flowers are clusters of bright yellow flowers.

  • It has different names like poor man's rope,yellow jasmine,evening trumpetflower,and gelber jasmine.

  • The flower was officially adopted as South Carolina's state flower on February 1,1924.

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