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Missouri state flag. click on flag to go to website

Missouri State Symbols

Missouri State Flag

  • The Missouri state flag became the official flag on March 22,1913.

  • The design of the Missouri state flag was made by Marie Elizabeth Watkins Oliver.

  • The three stripes,red,white,and blue,represent valor,purity,and vigilance and justice.

  • The 24 stars around the middle of the flag represent Missouri as the 24th state.

  • The two grizzly bears standing represent the strength and bravery of the citizens of Missouri.

State Bird:Eastern Bluebird

Missouri state bird (bluebird) click on bird to go to website

  • The Eastern Bluebird was made the Missouri state bird in 1927.

  • Eastern Bluebirds are medium sized song birds.

  • Eastern Bluebirds like open habitats and prefer orchards,parks and long lawns.

  • The Eastern Bluebirds diet consists of insects and small fruits.

  • The Eastern Bluebird is the state bird for Missouri and New York.

State Tree:Flowering Dogwood

Missouri state tree.(flowering dogwood) click on tree to go to website

  • Officials of Missouri made the flowering dogwood the official state tree in 1955.

  • The leaf of the dogwood is 3 to 6 inches long and oval shaped.

  • The bark of the dogwood is gray then as it gets older turns scaly.

  • The fruit of the dogwood is shiny oval shaped usually comes in clusters of 3 to 4.

  • The flower of the dogwood is surrounded by 4 large usually pink pedals.

State Animal:Mule

Missouri state animal(mule)click on mule to go to website

  • Missouri made the mule the official state animal in 1995.

  • Mules were introduced to Missouri in the 1820s and became popular to farmers and settlers because of their hard work.

  • Missouri mules pulled pioneer wagons in the 19th century and were important in moving troops and supplies in World War 1 and 2.

  • For decades Missouri was the nations primary mule producer.

  • Mules are hybrids,the offspring of a mare(female donkey)and a (male donkey)jack.

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