AK Economy

Climates: Tundra and Subartic.

The warming of Alaska:

  • In Alaska the oceans are warming up and the land-based ice is melting which increases the amount of ocean water.The loss of ice that covers the sea changes the habitat for the animals that live in the arctic and leaves communities on the coast exposed to larger waves made by severe storms.
  • The permafrost is thawing, increased by storm severity, and the roads are damaged related to infrastructure, infrastructure utility, building and pipelines. The extremes in the weather patterns, the precipitation and the rising sea levels will affect safe water sources in villages, and contributes to increased erosion along Alaska coasts and rivers and undermines Alaska boreal forests.
  • Forest fires and insect infestations increasing in frequency and intensity. In the past decade, Alaska has witnessed a record loss of forests to fires and spruce bard beetles.

Natural Recources:

Mining,Oil,Gas,Forestry,Wildlife, and Fishing.


More than 625,000 people live here. Only the states of Vermont and Wyoming have fewer people than Alaska. Almost seven of every 10 Alaskans are of European descent. More than 3 of every 100 are of the African-American culture and 4 of every 100 are of the Asian culture. Most Alaskans live in cities. The state's largest city is Anchorage,followed by Fairbanks and Juneau.

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